9 Thoughtful Gifts to Give to Friends for Every Budget

Treat your bestie to thoughtful gifts that are sure to make her smile. Whether you want to splurge on a dutch oven for the avid cook in your life or send a set of reusable baking mats from Great Jones so she can ditch parchment paper and never get Brussels sprouts stuck to her pan again.

1. The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There

After two decades of re-watching The Office, recording their Office Ladies podcast, and becoming best friends in real life, you might think Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey would run out of things to say. But it turns out that the co-stars, who play receptionist Pam Beesly and accountant Angela Martin on Stitcher’s hit comedy, have penned an entire book about their friendship and experiences on the set of the show. With dozens of never-before-seen photos, and the warm, friendly tone they’ve brought to their podcast, The Office BFFs is part scrapbook, part BFF journal, and all love letter to fans.

From their first memories of meeting, to the Season 1 “Basketball” episode that started it all, and their own personal experiences on set, award shows, trailer lunches, ER trips, and motherhood, this is a must-read for any fan.

2. Record Player

Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves to curate their own music collection or prefers a more minimalist approach to enjoying their favorite tunes, a record player is a thoughtful gift. The chief benefits include superior sound quality, a connection to music’s rich history and nostalgia, the ritual of slowing down to savor songs, and a unique centerpiece that will set their home apart.

Purchasing a turntable is also a more cost-effective option than buying digital formats through streaming services, YouTube, CDs or MP3s. And, with plug-and-play options that allow you to enjoy vinyl records without the need for additional equipment, it’s easy to get started. You can even rip your vinyl to digital and save it to your computer in high-res for future listening. There’s no better way to experience your music… and your friendships.

3. Sports Team Bracelet

Sports team bracelets are a fun way to show support for the teams and players you love. Many local teams sell these wristbands to raise money for new equipment, supplies, and upgrades to the facilities. These bracelets are also an inexpensive and unique alternative to other sports-themed gifts like t-shirts or memorabilia.

Show your pride in your Alma Mater or favorite professional team with this customizable football bracelet set! This trio of bracelets includes one ceramic football bead and seed beads in your team’s colors, plus letter beads (MASCOT/NAME/INITIALS) if you want to add them. The set measures 7.25″ in length and is made with double 0.5mm stretch cord.

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp

You’ve likely seen a Himalayan Salt Lamp on a coworker’s desk or while scrolling through an interior design Instagram. This wellness trend is believed to be an air purifier that boosts your energy, improves sleep and mood and decreases stress and anxiety.

The pink salt blocks (some are actually made from recycled table salt) are hollowed out, lit with a low wattage bulb and emit a soothing warm amber glow. They’re also hygroscopic, which means they pull moisture from the air and make it easier to breathe.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to remove microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mold and mildew from the air which can help reduce allergy symptoms. Even people with asthma may notice a difference after using them for a few weeks. In addition, the negative ions they release are beneficial to the body, improving blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other organs as well as boosting serotonin, which makes us feel happy.

5. Awkward Conversations Card Game

If your friends need a way to break the silence during a long phone call, doctor’s appointment or car ride, these conversation cards are for them. They provide thought-provoking prompts that are sure to spark meaty conversations. However, if your friend is an anime fan, then you can look for anime katanas UK.

Some questions can be considered controversial or prompt potentially controversial answers, but the majority of them are more lighthearted. It will definitely help get people talking, especially introverts who might not naturally lead the chatter in groups.

Intersectional environmentalists can appreciate this thoughtfully curated deck from Loam, which cultivates conversations that are relevant to climate justice, racial justice and Indigenous sovereignty. Each deck is hand-assembled and packaged in plastic-free recycled materials. It’s the perfect size to stash in a backpack or purse for easy accessibility. The card game can be used for couples, friendships or even work-related gatherings. A timer and instructions are included.

6. Mini Bob Ross Painting Kit

You’ve probably heard of the cheerful paint instructor and TV personality Bob Ross. Whether you watched him on your favorite show, saw him in a meme or used him for some ASMR, his calm demeanor and simple painting technique inspired many people to pick up a brush and paint.

Bob used the wet on wet painting method which means he applied layers of oil paint and blended them together while the paints were still wet. He also specialized in using a clear palette to get an accurate reflection of the colours as he mixed them.

This set includes a clear palette, brushes, paints and canvases. It’s perfect for a beginner as it’s not too expensive but still contains high-quality oil paints like the ones Bob used in his shows. It also comes with a DVD tutorial by a master Bob Ross instructor.

7. Golden Girls Magnet Set

If your friend is a fan of the iconic sitcom, she will enjoy this Golden Girls magnet set featuring our four favorite ladies, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. It will look great on any magnetic surface, like their fridge or office.

If they’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles, this Golden Girls 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is a thoughtful gift. Doing a jigsaw puzzle helps reduce stress and can improve focus.

If they’re a die-hard fan of the show, they’ll appreciate this Golden Girls Tarot Card Deck. Whether or not they know anything about tarot cards, they’ll still have fun reading their future. The set also includes a mini book with quotes and photos from the show. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

8. Designer Perfume

Spoil your beauty-obsessed bestie with a luxe fragrance from a top designer. These eau de toilettes include a mix of florals, citruses, and musks, plus they come in a luxe atomizer that’ll adorn their wrist in your BFF group photos forever.

A more affordable version of Anthropologie’s viral Primrose vanity mirror, this brushed stainless steel option also makes a great home accent for any coffee cart or desk. Add a personal touch by gifting this personalized version, which comes in a variety of fonts and colors.

Help your friend relax with this grown-up dough ball kit inspired by the kind of stress relief art therapists use to help patients relax. Just add water and you’ll have a fun, therapeutic way to unwind. Then, pair it with a murder mystery jigsaw puzzle for some much-needed bonding time.

9. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained popularity as a wellness product, promising to help users get better sleep. Designed as either throw blankets or duvet covers, these blankets use heavy materials integrated into the fabric or placed in an inner layer (like glass beads, chains, and plastic pellets) to weigh down the blanket, making them feel heavier than your average cover.

The blankets have a soothing, comforting effect similar to how babies are soothed when being swaddled and how adults and kids with autism can be calmed by gentle, repetitive pressure like that found in a hug. One of the best-rated weighted blankets on Amazon is currently 40% off, which makes it even more affordable for anyone who’d like to try the self-care product.

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