Learning More About Victoria Plat Ellis Paintings

If you love abstracts and landscapes but are looking for something more specific, you may want to consider the paintings of the artist Victoria Platt Ellis. This artist’s work spans various genres, including Offset lithographs and Landscapes. To find the perfect piece for your home, here are some tips. You can even look into offset lithographs if you are new to art. After you’ve compared a few different pieces, you should know which one best fits your needs.


The artist’s work has been exhibited in galleries around the country, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is well-known for exploring the concept of magic squares and the aesthetics of the 1907 Theosophical architecture of the First Universalist Church in Chicago. Her works often straddle two mediums, including landscape painting and abstract abstraction. She welcomes visitors to her studio and enjoys the process of creating art.


The founder of Victoria Pla Ellis landscapes is an accomplished and well-known Australian artist. She is often invited to give lectures at public venues and is frequently interviewed on the radio. She has a unique talent for creating stunning landscapes, utilizing native plants and rock forms to create a sense of place. Her landscapes are an awe-inspiring representation of Australia’s natural beauty. In addition to her own work, Ellis has created murals for many businesses and institutions.

As the father of the Australian landscape style, Ellis Stones inspired his designs from nature and the bush. His work was pioneering in conserving the country’s natural heritage. Although highly creative, Ellis Stones was also gentle and unassuming. He trained as a builder and was injured in the Great War. He later returned to building and landscaping. He married in 1922 and had three daughters. During his life, he was a father, a husband, and an artist.

Award-winning Design Studio

Lisa Ellis Gardens is an award-winning design studio. Since 2004, Lisa Ellis has developed close relationships within the industry and has a diverse portfolio of design work. Their specialists work together to translate clients’ ideas into honest and elegant landscape designs. They use a proven process and an approach that combines a love of gardens and horticulture with full transparency. They are proud to be associated with the highest standards in the industry. The team at Victoria Pla Ellis landscapes is dedicated to providing you with a stunning landscape that meets your requirements.

Arcadia Sustainable Design is based in Melbourne, but they serve regional Victoria. Gary Shadforth, the company’s director, has a background in horticulture ranging from a science degree to a diploma in horticulture. Gary has taught environmental science, mathematics, and art. He has also worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and the Healesville Sanctuary. He is a certified landscape architect and has an impressive track record.

Among his accomplishments, Stones helped establish the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture. This institute’s goal was to give landscape designers a professional status. He also gave public lectures about landscape design and the foundation of the landscape design course at RMIT. Today, his legacy lives on. And his work continues to inspire and educate. And the National Trust has honored him as an honorary landscape architect. And as a renowned Australian landscape architect, he is an important figure in the Australian landscape design world.


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