3 therapeutic healing effects that Music has on health

It is often stated that music is divine. Without even believing in god, one has to admit that there is something powerful and transcending about music that stimulates our mental faculties. A lot of people have also assumed that music has healing powers, that it can be the solution when all else fails. They may not be wrong after all!

Scientists have conducted many studies to validate the hypotheses that music has healing powers. The John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, for example, conducted research pertaining to music therapy. The Centre for Biomedical research at the Colorado state university have also conducted trials related to paralysis in human beings. And we have the following results backs up by research.

Pain relief

Music therapy is able to reduce the perception of pain in patients suffering from diseases including late-stage arthritis. The music affects the patients’ brain and is able to draw the attention of the brain away from the physical ailment. We have all known for a long time that pain is simply a reaction of our synapses and that it is possible to mentally train ourselves to increase pain tolerance. Music is a catalyst to aid that.


This follows the same logic as that of pain perception. Depression is as much a function of external physical circumstances as it is a function of our mental strength, meaning that it is possible to influence depression if our brain wills it. Music enables the brain to be distracted for a brief moment, thus helping a patient temporarily recover.

Physical healing

Wait.. how can music heal a physical bodily injury!? Apparently, it has been hypothesized that our cells react to sound waves and can adjust their size and shape depending on the wave frequency. While this is yet to made a foolproof theory, it is scientifically possible for sick cells to be cured with sound.

There are many more healing abilities which we haven’t discussed here. Music’s value to our live goes beyond just pleasure and joy. We want to ensure that people understand this core message.

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